A Matter Of Light

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A Matter Of Light is the story of a young man separated from his friends in the ruins of a big city. With the help of a robot head able to shoot physical laser beams, he will try to make himself a way through the ruins to find his friends. This game is a demo version of a larger scale game, winner of the Unity 2D Challenge: https://connect.unity.com/challenges/2dchallenge
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A Matter Of Light
A Matter Of Light
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TenTen92 (1014 Gems) 2019-04-16

not your best game, but now. My favourites are still three house quest and the game with the dinosour. :)

Whatif (2246 Gems) 2019-04-16

Completed. Will you add new areas? It's not so long

where_is_love (935 Gems) 2019-03-23

why no one is playing this game on youtube?!

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A Matter Of Light
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