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5 Days A Stranger

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Adventure Game Studio

5DAS is a medium-length free adventure game with a horror theme, made, as all my adventures are, with the miraculous AGS Engine. Since I hate it when people make promises and never deliver, I've gotten into the habit of only ever letting on that I'm making a game after I've finished it. <a href='' target='_blank'>Official WebSite</a>.
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5 Days A Stranger
5 Days A Stranger
5 Days A Stranger
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CTGH Profile (1713 Gems) 2019-05-06

I love this game!!

the ugly truth (2197 Gems) 2017-03-14

Very famous game. A masterpiece of Ben

Testament Profile (2587 Gems) 2012-05-02

A really good old school point and click, played and finished yesterday. <br />Good athmosphere, well designed riddle. <br />Why is it under the category \"Platform/action\" instead of \"Point and Click\"?

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