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The Three Visions FULL v1.07 is released~ Changelogs : + Grammar! Of course.^^ + New Scenes + New Ending Scenes, + Boss Balance, + Boat glitch fix, etc


The Three Visions FULL v1.05 is released~ Full v1.05 Changelogs : + Grammar! Of course.^^ + Move some enemies' position, so they won't disturb your movement in a higher terrain. (I can't describe it well, you'll know once you played the game) + Improve some dialogues + Add SP numbers on battle HUD + Magic Call fixes (Some skills trigger a game crash) + Glitch and minor bug fixes Let me know if you find any bug/glitch, I'll update the game in a day. Have fun.


The game has finished. :) The Three Visions FULL v1.04 is released~ +++ *I renamed the game title since there's a manga called 3x3 out there. +++ Feature Updates +++ +Easy Leveling, Intense Battle+ You can build your skills & attributes without level-grinding. It's pretty easy to reach the maximum level for each character. Your victory throughout the battles will be determined by strategy, runes and how fast your reaction and determination.

+Fast paced Story with plot twist+ 5~10 Hours Gameplay. You'll have a crucial decision making and moral dilemma response that will affect the gameplay and the ending you'll get at the end of the game. Also there's a peripeteia when you reach a certain point in the game.

+The 3 x 3 Concept+ 3 Main Characters, 3 Main Quest, 3 Side Quests, 3 Different Endings, 3 Worlds, 3 Towns, 3 Fields, 3 Dungeons, 3 Secret Areas, 3 category of items with 3 items per category, 3 Swords for each character with 3 upgrades, 3 Weapon Fusions, 3 Magic Schools with 3 Elements, 3 Levels Runes, 3 Synthesizers, 3 x 3 areas with 3 x 3 tiles per area, and the other 3s...


Known issues : the game was error in zip files. so I decided to add external link, you can't play it online here. Sorry.

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