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Play Stupid Quest

Stupid Quest

44 Players
Published on: 2018/01/29



EN: The creators of Stupid Quest invite you to live the stupidest story you have ever experienced. #funnyrpg FR: Les créateurs de Stupid Quest vous invitent à vivre l'histoire la plus idiote de toute votre vie. #Jerigoleauxtoilettes Show More
Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
Comments (3)
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Juan (250 Gems) 2018-02-04

I had a lot of fun playing it. Does the game master exist? I'm pretty sure I met him before, jaja.. Is there the version that appears as a teaser in a chapter (don't remerber which one, and don't want to spoil), where can we play this story?

Fellowplayer Profile (17355 Gems) 2018-01-31

A PC version would help.

Luis (7707 Gems) 2018-01-29

Did you make also a pc version?

Stupid Quest
Stupid Quest
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