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Published on: 2018/03/04


Custom is an MMO Role Playing Game you can play right in your browser. You are put on the quest to get your family stein (beer mug) back, which you lost after a heavy night of drinking. Explore the world of stein while questing, killing enemies and competing in dungeons.
Language: English
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Reofloor (1212 Gems) 2018-08-01

Are you still working on it?

MrSte Profile (1780 Gems) 2018-06-26

Good job

CapZero88 (2471 Gems) 2018-03-06

the idea is nice. I played few mmorpg in 2D. I like also the ui, a great and perfect work. but at the start of the game I don't undestand very well what to do

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