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SHERWOOD EXTREME ALPHA is here!Enjoy MAJOR VISUAL UPDATES to experience Sherwood like never before.NEW BUCKLER TYPES give you even more options to take down goblins… Or just lure them into brand new TRAPS to avoid the dirty work.And check out the new INTRO CINEMATIC for more insight into the goblin invasion!We’ve worked hard to bring you this huge alpha release for FREE! WISHLIST ON STEAM - it’s the best way to support us: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: #action

Crossbow Loadouts - Patch 0.6Unlock different CROSSBOW TYPES that transform your playstyle Are you more of a Blast Launcher or Skull & Crossbow player?Bash through foes and bounce off explosions with your new BUCKLER weapon!Your HIDEOUT with character and level select now fills up with unique environments as you progress! Enjoy the view between levels.REDUCED game download and install size by half and INCREASED PERFORMANCE for older PCs. No more excuses - download and play for FREE today!

Pre-Alpha Patch 0.4Patch 0.4 is LIVE with bug fixes and NEW FEATURES that will challenge you to be the best goblin-slaying hero in all of Sherwood!New Melee System Enjoy new animations for jumping, swinging, and combos. Parry enemy attacks with your sword (or die trying). Goblins have new behaviors too!Item Shop Collect Shinies by killing, exploding, and fulfilling other heroic duties. Spend them on custom CHARACTER SKINS to keep up with the latest Sherwood fashion trends. Female hero is free and now available from the start of the gameDestructible Environments Demolish enemy gates and castles in EXTREME EXPLOSIONS! Chain explosions with barrels for that sweet dopamine rush.New Enemy Types There are now 4 ENEMY TYPES! Already too many for you? Ok, Boombur… Go be a Tattlehorn and tell your friends!Level Portals Enter and replay levels through magical portals in the space-time continuum, because a hero like yourself is above the laws of physics.Dynamic Main Menu If you need a break from saving the kingdom, feel free to relax in this goblin camp.Health Potions Health potions have been hidden throughout levels. Hidden really good luck with that!

Scores & Leaderboards - Patch 0.3.0 Much polishing and improving have been happening to the game this week with a big new feature:Leaderboards will connect players online via their scores so they can see where they rank globally.TONS of small improvements like new fonts, new level features, enemy health bars, new enemy types like bombers and horn criers have been added to make the overall experience flow better together. Of course hundreds of bugs were fixed in the process.#indiegame #gamedev #action

To the viewers, players and fans of Sherwood Extreme, welcome. My name is Gabriel Langlois and I am the lead designer on this project. This last week of January has been one of intense game development for me personally. In between jobs, I spent the entirety of my free time working on this title as it inspired me like never before. 12 hour days for the past 7 days is a lot of time spent on such a simple concept, which I believe was worth it.I fully intend to support the development of this game along with my team at CAGE and Umbra Studios.If you enjoy this free game, please leave us a comment, share it with your friends and spread the word. We truly believe this game can go the distance but we need to build a community to see it truly succeed.Please, follow us anywhere on social media:Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

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