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Exciting News! Platform Builder has been updated to 2.0! There are many great new features that I'm sure you will enjoy!


Hi everyone! I just want you to know that Platform Builder has been seeing small updates occasionally to fix bugs. I just updated with patch #7, which should resolve a very significant issue with the level manager files getting corrupted with overworld files. Make sure you update!

If you’re wondering about the next large update, rest assured I’m working hard on it, and it’s going to be huge! I tend to post more information on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so follow us there!


Platform Builder has been updated to 1.1. This update fixes a number of issues and adds a couple new features.


Hi everyone! 1.0 is released out of beta. As always, there are many new things. Enjoy!


Beta 1.0 is here, and it's a HUGE update! There are many new features and items to work with, including the ability to create your own items, upload music, travel through pipes, and even fly. Merry Christmas everyone!


Platform Builder has been updated to A3.3. This update is mostly more glitch and bug removal.


Platform Builder is now A3.2. There is not much new besides a significant glitch fix from A3.2. If you use A3.1, please update. Thanks!


Platform Builder has been updated to A3.1! Several bugs have been fixed, and there is a new tool in your workstation that will save you hours of work! Check it out!

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