Naxia the Cards of Wonder

39 Players


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Published on: 2018/03/24



Naxia is a free-to-play competitive strategy card game pitting you against other players in an epic duel of wits and tactics. The original idea of the game is how to design a card game that is more strategic and tournament than Hearthstone but easier to learn than MTG. After spending a long time studying, understanding and experimenting with a variety of different online TCG 1.960 version update #Update content: 1. After the victory of the Rank, the lowest point award is guaranteed at 1 point.</br> 2. The Epic Pack can spend 420 gold coins to buy.</br> 3. The Small Pack is reduced to 60 gold / 20 gem.</br> 4. Increase the daily gold bonus.</br> 5. Redesigned several basic puzzle solving levels.</br> 6. Added two new adventures and...
Naxia the Cards of Wonder
Naxia the Cards of Wonder
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Popsan Angel (1819 Gems) 2018-04-19

It's always so hard to change the name of own game. Are u sure? Naxia is very good. Easy to remember and nice to see

TheBigShow (2378 Gems) 2018-04-15

Can I play it online to change other players?

lxxanubis Profile (170 Gems) 2018-04-13

Game update error´╝ü I'm sorry to be sorry everyone, automatic updates have problems. . Causes the game to be abnormal after the update is entered into the game. We have been trying to find a solution to solve the problem as soon as possible in ......

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Naxia the Cards of Wonder
Naxia the Cards of Wonder
Naxia the Cards of Wonder
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