My 5000 Nightmares

309 Players
Published on: 2018/01/02



If all the nightmares joined together, what would you get? This is Part 1 of an adventure that will twist your mind. Every 1000 subscribers to my YouTube channel reveals another game. Part 2 coming soon.
Language: English  
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My 5000 Nightmares
My 5000 Nightmares
My 5000 Nightmares
Comments (12)
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Popsan Angel (2602 Gems) 2018-02-22

it's good, but there's no "hard part". it's very flat

onebullet55 (1646 Gems) 2018-02-17

so many famous games in just one game. wow

Best IndieGames (2883 Gems) 2018-02-10

This game is in the video about the Top 5 Best Indie Games of January 2018

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