Monster World RPG

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X-Buster interview. "Hello everyone, today we have a special interview with the creators of Monster World RPG; an incredible fan game and passion project based on the Wonder Boy series created by Ryuichi Nishizawa. We have with us the lead developer; Massimo and the co-developer; Fernando. In honor of the 30th anniversary of Wonder Boy, I will be asking 30 questions based...
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Monster World RPG
Monster World RPG
Monster World RPG
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Dan_Fayal Profile (567 Gems) 2018-01-26

Opa! tem brazuca ou pelo menos alguém de língua portuguesa na área! ha! ha! ha! lindo! lindo! baixei!

MonsterWorldRPG Profile (82 Gems) 2017-09-13

Monster World RPG Official Facebook Page:

Eugor (2381 Gems) 2017-08-31

no plot, no description?

Monster World RPG
Monster World RPG
Monster World RPG
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