Landflix Odyssey

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Fantastico Studio

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Landflix Odyssey is a 2D Platformer that mixes many gameplay elements from various genres. Play as Larry, a lazy binge watcher who ends up in a dimension that’s based upon his favorite Landflix (a video-on-demand parody) TV shows. #platform #metroidvania #pixelart Hi again everyone,Sorry for the late update but we've been really busy with the Kickstarter and the development. So first things first, we want to thank everyone for helping our campaign to be a success!!! All the feedback and the support you gave us made a difference in reaching our goal! The development is processing smoothly so if no unforseen problem arises you can... Load more
Landflix Odyssey
Landflix Odyssey
Landflix Odyssey
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Landflix Odyssey
Landflix Odyssey
Landflix Odyssey
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