Detective Gallo

206 Players
In the darkness enveloping a city like any other, five exotic plants are the victims of a shocking event. There's no doubt: it’s a multiple plant murder. The city is not particularly alarmed by the tragic incident, but a multi-billionaire is willing to pay an outrageous amount of money to solve the mystery. And who, if not Detective Gallo, can accept the challenge?
Detective Gallo
Detective Gallo
Detective Gallo
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Preheated_Panda (41 Gems)

Fun game and even better voice acting!!!

Luis (7123 Gems)

a very great adventure game. I played it (even if i'm not so skilled with the adventure game). So the draws are amazing, the plot is not so great, but it's good. It looks like a game for kids

Maurizio De Ang (176 Gems)

Thanks! :) No problem about copyrights because the visual style might look Disneyan-like, but the characters are new and original! Stay tuned, because the full game will be released early 2018!

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