Dash Breaker

24 Players
Avoid obstacles, destroy the walls and challenge your dexterity to go as far as possible! This fast paced 2D runner game will put your reflexes to the test. Will you be able to surpass yourself to be the best? How to play? It is easy! Use your finger to swipe up and down to avoid the obstacles. Tap the screen to dash to destroy the walls.
Dash Breaker
Dash Breaker
Dash Breaker
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Fellowplayer Profile (16749 Gems) 2018-07-05

I like the graphics for this game.

Parzival (405 Gems) 2018-07-02

Oh, cmon! An online version just for us! :DDDDDD it's a brilliant game!

mazzutakgame Profile (1439 Gems) 2018-07-01

i've download the game on my smartphon low performance pixy4 Alcatel, i've just rated this game on google play, the game is cute and fluid , the music is excellent ;-), I do not like the video reward for every gameover and i would like some different asset, but i can't have everything from life, 5/5

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