Archaea Terata

260 Players
Archaea Terata / Ancient Monsters Made for Ludum Dare 36 (72 hours jam). Theme : Ancient Monsters. WASD - Move Left Mouse Button - Shoot Right Mouse Button - Blink E - Recall Q - Bomb #LDJAM
Language: English  
Archaea Terata
Archaea Terata
Archaea Terata
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Staff (3105 Gems) 2016-12-02

Short video about Archaea terata :

CUtet92 (755 Gems) 2016-09-17

very nice and fast ! You can add more enimies and make the stages more big level by level

Staff (3105 Gems) 2016-09-09

Your game is in "Ludum Dare Games" Video :

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