Ao Oni

1330 Players
Ao Oni is a Japanese survival horror game with RPG and puzzle elements. Although each version differs heavily from the others, the objective is always the same. Locked in a mansion, you explore and solve puzzles while running from an enigmatic demon.
Language: Italiano  
Ao Oni
Ao Oni
Ao Oni
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Fellowplayer Profile (18570 Gems) 2018-01-05

I've always hated that guys face..AAHH!

Marco Sacchetti (924 Gems) 2017-12-08

gioco molto brutto. famoso solo perche' youtubers famosi ci hanno fatto video idioti. ci sono molti altri giochi amatoriali in stile horror che valgono molto piu' di questo

xX-Grove-Xx (502 Gems) 2016-10-15


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Ao Oni
Ao Oni
Ao Oni
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