The Three Visions

85 Players
Published on: 2017/10/30


Rpg Maker MV

Three great heroes are destined to save the Kingdom of Trilands from the evil Demon King, Lapans. But in the final dungeon, the heroes are defeated easily. It's strange, since the fate does the opposite of what the prophecy told the humans to believe. This questionable "destined-but failed" issue will be investigated by the Demon King himself, Lapans.
Language: English  
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The Three Visions FULL v1.05 is released~ Full v1.05 Changelogs : + Grammar! Of course.^^ + Move some enemies' position, so they won't disturb your movement in a higher terrain. (I can't describe it well, you'll know once you played the game) + Improve some dialogues + Add SP numbers on battle HUD + Magic Call fixes (Some skills trigger a game crash) + Glitch and minor bug...
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
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Fellowplayer Profile (17951 Gems) 2018-01-03

This looks pretty nice, built with detail.

cradth (1737 Gems) 2017-11-07

3x3 Legendary Daegon Demo v1.0.2 is out! Notable changelogs : - Grammar fixes! ^^ - New Playable Character, Zamber Gledegh - New Dungeon, Darksteel Cave - New Scenes - New Weapons, Masamune added - New Jobs, Fisherman and Town Guard - New Enemies, Bandit & Water Slime - Sword Arts Combo & Astral Skill fixes - Also a glimpse of the Three Worlds

VCent (346 Gems) 2017-10-31

The conversation is a bit cheesy in the prologue. But that's okay if you were intended it to be like that. Good mapping as usual (I reached larna forest now). The view and the characters are better than your previous game, the disasters. I hope you can finish what you started before it's too overloaded.

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The Three Visions
The Three Visions
The Three Visions
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