WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall

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Starts immediately after one of the WTC 2 : No Regrets For The Future epilogues.
With William on the loose and in partnership with a new set of friends, it's a testing time for Grendel, her family and especially The Council Of The Unseen.
NOTE : This is INCOMPLETE (story is complete, but graphics, sound effects and music are missing) #vn #visualnovel #comedy
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This is now the official demo. The full version has a different choice system and game controls. Hopefully CG's too. Estimated release date will be between the very end of 2021 and mid 2022
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
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kalindor (Niveau 13) 2020-01-03
Very good to be just a tech demo
Triority (Niveau 8) 2020-01-03
I'll upload a proper demo when it's completed, but this is a first look at the visual novel, which I hope to release in late 2020
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