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World's Smallest RPG: Rev

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Concept for a remake of WSRPG. An NES-style action adventure game, based on titles such as Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard and Legend of Zelda. Controller recommended.
Langage: English  
Nouveaux: 11
0.14.0 - New sprites, palette, HUD finalized. A-button weapons are always tied to player class. B-button weapons are always the sub-weapons. New level up system that raises your strength for every kill.
World's Smallest RPG: Rev
Commentaires 11
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Deneris (Niveau 16) 2020-10-31
Is this title screen new?
Very cool!!
Myrkvidr (Niveau 13) 2020-10-06
a lot of fun. cant wait for more
indiexpo Addons (Niveau 13) 2020-09-13
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