Tiki Taka TD Tiki Taka TD
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pooler22 (Niveau 4) 2017-07-30

nice style

Eugor (Niveau 12) 2016-12-26

merry christmas!

Mosul (Niveau 8) 2016-12-16

nice updates!

iamhere (Niveau 11) 2016-12-05

Oh, but it has also the touchscreen! So good!

GInTheShell94 (Niveau 8) 2016-12-03

I love your games because you updates them often ! :)

iamhere (Niveau 11) 2016-12-02

a good start ! improve your pixel art ;)

Zexon (Niveau 1) 2016-11-29

"Amazing! 10/10" -IGN

SwordMan (Niveau 8) 2016-11-27

now the ux is very nice. Improve also the towers ! :D

Crazy Player GM (Niveau 7) 2016-11-21

add touch control !

Max Enter (Niveau 6) 2016-11-10

Add the touch screen ! #mobilefirst !!

CapZero88 (Niveau 12) 2016-11-08

no touch D: I want to play it on my tablet...

Eugor (Niveau 12) 2016-11-02

This game looks really awesome and an original idea.

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