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Who Hunts Monsters

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Rpg Maker MV

When Angela, an air-headed but kind-hearted young woman accidentally becomes a Monster Girl Hunter, her life takes a rather...unexpected turn. As a Monster Girl Hunter, it's Angela's duty to take on Jobs to protect the citizens of the world from the nefarious Monster Girls. The Monster Girls, however, have a peculiar obsession...they love tickling their prey!
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Chapter 3 is still underway! Sorry for so long without updates. I've hit a few snags here and there, but I've got a ton of not just new content, but also engine updates and system reworks coming with Chapter 3. Just a few examples are: a new battle hud, a hidden Steal system, a complete graphic overhaul (Combat and Faces only, not sprites unfortunately), and more! Thank you...
Who Hunts Monsters
Who Hunts Monsters
Who Hunts Monsters
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KusuguriTickle (11 Gemmes) 2018-08-30

Hi, so I'm kinda stuck in the prison with the orc. Basically, I'm rogue and I'm so under-leveled and with 2 red potions that I cannot beat the fight (My only party member is Angela, speaking of which, how do I get other party members?). Also I can't use the return charm so I'm stuck, is there anything I can do?

Supersnake (37 Gemmes) 2018-08-01

It keeps telling me that it failed to load audio/bgm/03_sorrow.m4a can you help me out

IonHat (58 Gemmes) 2018-06-01

My games keeps crashing before I've even started. In Firefox for some reason it lasts a bit longer but eventually crashes as well. What should I do?

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