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NEW UPDATE: You can finally toggle the sound ON/OFF by pressing 'Space'.

Something new in the making! Stay tuned to find out what big changes will be coming in the next few weeks!

Bug Fixes: -Fixed a bug where the health UI would not reflect the current health of the player. -Fixed a bug where the Leaderboard would not display the correct score value. Thanks once again to the community for the continuous support and I will make sure to keep updating and answering to every single comment ASAP!!Future goals: -Work on optimisation for more devices/browsers.(Safari cannot currently display shaders properly, making the game unplayable) -Increase performance -Re-skin/re-design

Leaderboard system has been added! You can now compete with your friends and me! Can't wait to see your names on that board! JOIN NOW!

Slight visual update on the Healthbar and the character! Keep an eye out because there is a lot more to come!!! #update #news

Shaders don't display properly on Safari, we are currently working on a fix.

Health not displaying properly, currently working on a fix!

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