Tr-Zero Tr-Zero
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Emanuele Mecchi (Niveau 5) 2019-11-17
best game 3drad
zxretrosoft Profile (Niveau 12) 2019-04-20
Wow! Wonderful game! It looks great!
rodriguez (Niveau 5) 2018-07-14
Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for.
Luis (Niveau 17) 2018-01-21
did you make other race games?
Fellowplayer Profile (Niveau 22) 2016-08-20
This was a pretty good game, I see you also have a OE2 version released so I will take a look at that one too, in the meantime I hope you like the video:YouTube: Fellowplayer
nap101 (Niveau 1) 2016-01-05
How do i play? Its a 7z file
xeryan (Niveau 6) 2015-10-01
Awesome game! Can you add bonuses to take on the street to increase the gameplay and other things like bike upgrades ? Maybe even some blur effect on the screen when you are boosting (nos) and maybe a wake on the bikes
Marius (Niveau 13) 2014-09-21
and now also a sequel ! Very good ! Guys, try the new release !
Nomid (Niveau 3) 2014-08-01
Very good! Music 8/10 Sfx 8/10 Graphics 8/10 Maps 8/10 Controls 8.5/10Great work :D
Wulfeous Profile (Niveau 3) 2014-01-15
VERY cool game! I found this site thanks to this game being posted at Tron-Sector. Try out Alpha! :D
xxproplayer (Niveau 1) 2013-09-24
What the hell?
Gatsu87 (Niveau 14) 2013-09-05
very cool graphic !! And the gameplay... is amazing, bro ! <br />When you\'re going to release a new version ? <br /> <br />p.s. add more screens !
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