The Maître D' The Maître D' Powerhoof
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JEntertaiment (Niveau 10) 2021-01-04
Funny and cool :3
General Nuker (Niveau 1) 2017-05-11
Hilarious game, seriously! I loved it :D played a lot of indies, but this one takes the trophy!
Check out the let's play video out did of it for my gamechannel :)

YouTube Gameplay
EncoForge (Niveau 7) 2017-04-16
ahahahha very funny
the ugly truth (Niveau 11) 2017-03-10
Big winner
Step (Niveau 9) 2016-09-24
no other games by those developers ? D: it's very cool and funny ! no bugs and a perfect design !
cema12 (Niveau 8) 2016-09-22
Amazing idea and design! I would see other games made by u
Cimpo (Niveau 6) 2016-09-18
wow ! Big winner !
CUtet92 (Niveau 7) 2016-09-17
Did this developer join to the ludum dare 36 ? This game is one of the best funny idea and design played ! XD
Geko (Niveau 6) 2016-09-07
Ho provato questo gioco ed ho fatto un gameplay sul mio canale youtube, vi lascio il link se vi può interessare :)
YouTube Gameplay
Jonathan Fish (Niveau 16) 2016-08-14
fantastic game ! It's a crossover between a puzzle game and a funny game ! I love the sounds used in the game and the "french" voice ! The game isn't short and you can play it until the last room ! Very good game ! one of the best !
Malian (Niveau 8) 2016-07-15
funny and amazing !! :D does the developer make other games ?
Carir (Niveau 10) 2016-06-28
too funny XD
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