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Castor (640 Gemmes) 2016-09-15

you should improve your english... but it's very nice ! :D w zelda style games!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemmes) 2016-08-16

very funny and cute! the idea of the nintendo game boy is amazing ! even if there are several bugs and grammar errors... :/

Reim (593 Gemmes) 2016-08-03

very cute :D

Fellowplayer Profile (21602 Gemmes) 2016-08-01

I'm afraid the English subtitles could not be understood very well and I was unable to play the game.

Gianus (1069 Gemmes) 2016-04-17

There are several bugs, but the idea is very nice, also cause i love the zelda games !

ImpaledJanus Profile (213 Gemmes) 2016-02-11

@BigHero: Thanks! Love that you appreciated it! In rpgmaker 2k3, putting "/_" after every word cuts the blank space in half. It was a pain, and a pain to translate. It made all the messages more stilted than I liked, but it also gave them a NES-like feel that in the end I didn't mind at all.

BigHero (1621 Gemmes) 2016-02-11

Very nice and funny ! The colors are perfect, the plot is funny and no lag. Never boring. How do you put all the dialogue in only one row ?! :D

Marius (3790 Gemmes) 2015-07-31

Giocato tutto ! Mi è piaciuto moltissimo !! Lo stile grafico stile Zelda mi ha fatto impazzire, come anche le battute divertenti e l'ironia sui vari clichè dei giochi di ruolo ! Breve ma davvero molto fatto bene ! Ammetto che però alcune parti (come la foresta) penso di averle superate un pò a culo ... XD Ne farai altri così ?

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