Tao Through Space and Tim

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Control Tao, a young Elf with the gift of shapeshifting, who is going to meet #DoctorWho and Missy for a great adventure through various worlds that will lead her to develop her gift. Each success will unlock a shapeshift into a new animal! This game will take you to several worlds and introduce you to various characters already seen in my earlier AGS games.
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Tao Through Space and Tim
Tao Through Space and Tim
Tao Through Space and Tim
Tao Through Space and Tim
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GreenGolia (Niveau 8) 2019-07-02
is your patreon about drawings or games?
Fellowplayer (Niveau 22) 2018-01-04
DUDE! RPG Tardis? :P
Marion Validé (Niveau 10) 2017-06-04
It's a point and click game, not the textual game :)
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