Streets of Rogue Streets of Rogue
Matt Dabrowski
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MikeyBlighe (171 Gemmes) 2019-07-28

This game has so much scope! The premise is simple. Pick a character, customise that character to look as much like you as possible, then dump that character into a veritable warzone of gangsters, hackers, mad scientists, angry bums, gorillas and see what happens!

Madguy / Matt, you sir are a genius!

Madguy (367 Gemmes) 2019-06-08

Developer here, this is a really old version of the game. The full game is available on Steam:

cradth (2443 Gemmes) 2019-06-08

Is the game commercial? Gotta love this one!

ElisaNap (11 Gemmes) 2018-10-09
Luis (8746 Gemmes) 2018-01-21

The multiplayer mode lags if you haven't a good ping. But the single mode is amazing. It's a great good game. I will find the full version on #steam.

Fellowplayer Profile (23146 Gemmes) 2018-01-05

Been a little bit of time since I played this, how has it gone so far?

RealTidus (2401 Gemmes) 2017-06-15

It's very very cool. So many weapons and items! The floors are generated automatically and the style is amazing! You are an artist!

PainGames (958 Gemmes) 2017-06-04

Nice Job.xD

Amir (4031 Gemmes) 2017-04-14

I saw it recently on Steam

the ugly truth (2222 Gemmes) 2017-03-12

Now it's on Steam!

NovoG (1577 Gemmes) 2017-03-05

i played the co-op version... how I can text with my friends... ?

Zsteel (1523 Gemmes) 2017-01-08

it's the best! It's very hard to complete the free levels without save point but... wow! So cool! Amazing work! So professional!

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