Nouveaux 23 Feed Rss Starcaller (Chapters 1+2)

we just posted an updated version of the demo. more content has been added and some drastic changes have been made all around. you can now play all the way through the second dungeon.

we are currently working on an extended length demo with new character classes with enhancements to the battle mechanics, crafting, exploration missions, and a brand new Dungeon to explore stay in touch for the next update

we just updated the Demo with a huge patch to iron out some things.. new battle UI, new features, new events and a whole bunch of little tweeks. no new story content beyond what has already been released

working on a new battle UI. check it out so far
YouTube Gameplay

streamlining the Battle UI. we placed the power bars into the status window instead of up in the top left corner, also made boxes smaller, removed portraits to free up more screen space for the animations.
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We have been so busy with development. Some things we are changing from the demo include: removing need to "loot" enemies. added 3 types of crafting and 3 types of exploration, each with a point system you can track and advance in. Random encounters for areas that have been cleared so you can go back and gather materials for crafting. First run through the story quest in each zone will not have random encounters so you can focus on the exploration, puzzles etc. Also working on world travel by use of an airship acquired after the story in the first world map zone is complete. Expanding on the dialogue and character development (sorry anti-reading gamers) Adding 2 new party members, a Samurai which is straight forward tank/dps.. and an Engineer who uses items crafted in battle such as weaponry, ammunition etc. for some interesting battle mechanics

Testing out our new Grapple Hook feature
YouTube Gameplay

we found a bug in the Boss Battle Eyes of Sveldrak in the Earthen Cave area of Xin. Uploaded a patch. let us know if you run into it

One more update, and hopefully the last? We want this demo so tight before we go forward with development. report bugs, give us your feedback.. tell us a bedtime story.. anything. we want to hear from you.

updates. spells are now learned through discovery rather than level up. please report all bugs. thanks

please leave a comment after you play the demo. we need to know what you think. thanks!

We just published another update. there will be a lot of this until we are totally happy with the demo so we can move on to the rest of the game. Updated Window skins, sound fx is still a work in progress. main title screen refresh.. and fixed a ton of bugs.. please report all bugs, thanks

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