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Pc white Télécharger (108 Mo)

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Xalag (Niveau 6) 2023-12-28
it's a visual and auditory masterpiece. The pixel art is a feast for the eyes, and the soundtrack, with over 10 unique songs, immerses you in an atmospheric experience like never before. In a nutshell, SeaRing is not just pretty; it's downright captivating.
Best IndieGames (Niveau 18) 2023-06-08
This game is in the video about the Top 3 Best Indie Games of April 2023

YouTube Gameplay
Spudcats (Niveau 2) 2023-05-27
Made a video

YouTube Gameplay
Stre93 (Niveau 14) 2023-05-14
Subscribed right now! I played the first 5 minutes. It starts very good. The Plot is simple and the artworks are very professional. But probably the plot is too simple. I haven't the right motivation to continue to play it. I want to follow it to see how you will improve it
DrKaram8K (Niveau 2) 2023-04-25
It's really beautiful. Its challenge level is interesting and the story is curious.
Hopefully they can put subtitles in Spanish soon.
My playable impressions on my twitch channel ( - the second game)
X-Dos interactive (Niveau 6) 2023-04-17
Davvero notevole!
Han (Niveau 10) 2023-04-05
the gameplay looks easy. But the details behind it are incredible. Congratulation. I played just the first 5 minutes (i will continue during the weekend) how long is this demo?
where_is_love (Niveau 11) 2023-04-04
Oh, this pixel art looks amazing. An huge work. I am downloading it
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