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I created a small game with some friends over the span of 4 days! Check it out here:

Check out the Ludum Dare entry I made with Dicul!

Just published a new game! Play it here:

Indiexpo now have player profiles! Check out my other games at


Call Me Young Kaleido's second game; Call Me Old Kaleido will go live in the next few days! Stay tuned!

I just published a new game on Indiexpo! It's called "Call Me Young Kaleido", make sure to check it out!

Controls have been tweaked to be optimized for Indiepad! X now changes the colour state and restarts the game and both Z and up arrow can be used to jump!

Stain This Planet With Cosmic Prism is now avaliable on mobile devices through Indiepad! Controls have also been tweaked to work with this new platform! S.T.P.W Cosmic Prism also reached top 100 games on Indiexpo! A huge thank you to everyone for their ongoing support!

Stain This Planet With Cosmic Prism has been updated with balancing tweaks to make it a more enjoyable experience!

You play as a weak little creature who's only defense is a little Droid. You can however control the Color of your base! Match your color to the enemy attacking you and your Droid will kill for you! ____ CONTROLS:__ WASD - Move __Space - Jump __E - Press buttons __ P or Escape- Pause __M - Mute __

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