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Whatif (Niveau 11) 2019-04-16
Did you make another game like this with different waves, countdown timer and other features? I like the style
KingJhon (Niveau 14) 2019-03-07
Will you never update it?
Freank Validé (Niveau 18) 2018-03-05
I have problems with the music. Several times it didn't start, several times it made a strange loop
indiexpo Addons (Niveau 13) 2017-12-20
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
Freank Validé (Niveau 18) 2017-12-19
who is 『 』 ? XD if it's from No Game No Life... you have to work hard XD
kalindor (Niveau 13) 2017-12-14
I'm very expert with this kind of game. Try to beat my record. If you can. (no cheat)
Fry2 (Niveau 12) 2017-12-13
great game. when I change weapon the sprite changes position. It can be also a nice idea to add "extra life"
MagicOz (Niveau 10) 2017-12-12
very funny
Karma (Niveau 13) 2017-12-12
oh yes. I'm the best. (bug report, sometimes it starts without the music. when I lose it reload the game over the 100% and it bloks at 175%). So I like it! I never used the sword
RealTidus (Niveau 13) 2017-06-20
Can you add a life bar and health packages in the map?
Freank Validé (Niveau 18) 2017-04-25
I know, I know. It's still an alpha of a beta XD. But I find very hard to use the shuriken to kill the enemies...
Amir (Niveau 13) 2017-04-09
Oh. The design is cool... I hope to see the next version with the new graphics. But... Why did you not use free assets? And can I add another player during the game?
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