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Quest for Enlightenment

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In this game you play the Italian pirate Al Dente, who is out on a Holy Quest, trying to find gold, rum and fabled relics. The game has a progressive Arrchievements system built in, where the player can track progress towards the much-sought title of Master Pirate! :)
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Quest for Enlightenment
Quest for Enlightenment
Quest for Enlightenment
Quest for Enlightenment
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Heromerom (Niveau 12) 2017-02-13
Congratulations! You have a great game. Keep doing it and good luck!
Jonathan Fish (Niveau 16) 2016-08-15
Becom77 (Niveau 8) 2016-05-22
it's nice... where's the rum, a ship, islands... but... what's the goal of it ?
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