Pokémon MMO 3D

2020 Joueurs - 11 Abonnés Abonnés
Imagine, where it's possible to controle pokemons in real time battles.
In an enormous map with large towns.
And the best...with his friends !
It's my dream, it's my production.
Langage: English   Francais  
Nouveaux: 3
Christmas Event ~ 22th December -> 5th January Mew Proba : 100 000 Shiny Proba : 500 Xp * 2 IVs range of wild pokemons : 10-31 (normally 0-31)
Pokémon MMO 3D
Pokémon MMO 3D
Pokémon MMO 3D
Pokémon MMO 3D
Pokémon MMO 3D
Pokémon MMO 3D
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flameonFFOX (Niveau 4) 2020-01-05
Cool idea, I love pokèmon
Lev_Arris (Niveau 6) 2019-04-08
The game remembers I registered but not my password. Cool game and implementation.
Ofihombre (Niveau 11) 2017-10-11
It's a great MMO of Pokémon. Seeing Pokémon walking in the freedom, real-time battles with other online players, gives more sense of being in the Pokémon World than a turn-based combat with static images of the classic games, He even has the music and references of the anime series.
However, it has some bugs, there are areas that are uninhabited from the Pokémon, the translations aren't 99% and in places where it says there is city, simply, there is no city.
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