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Overlord's New Mansion

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Light-hearted platformer, runs on its own engine. After the construction of his new majestic castle, filled with deadly traps, the evil Overlord orders a pizza, as usual. But little he know of all the the hassle he has to go through.
Langage: English  
Nouveaux: 3
New dialogues based on the amount of deaths, and new interactions with the pizza guy based on your timing, the game now knows if your device is running low on CPU and will react accordingly
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Commentaires (22)
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Han (250 Gemmes) 2019-07-18

I played when it was out on pc and it was very good. Now I tried to play it on mobile. It's impossible to solve also the first levels

TenTen92 (698 Gemmes) 2019-07-11

I completed it but no pizza! just for 0.40 cent! great game! Completed in 11 minutes! 16 points in the leaderboard. Did it works with the levels count? Did you think to add also the money and the time for the users chart? it will be very nice to see who is the best for the first players here! 5/5 I hope also to see new levels soon!

TheBeast (787 Gemmes) 2019-07-10

your pixel art is incredible!

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Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
Overlord's New Mansion
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