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Staff Validé (Niveau 14) 2019-08-01
Video removed. it didn't work.
DevZone (Niveau 8) 2019-06-01
Short but nice
Boruto (Niveau 6) 2019-02-09
it is short. I completed it in few time. the plot is nice, the artworks are very cool but the backgrounds are totally different. 3/5
Karma (Niveau 13) 2019-02-02
Luis (Niveau 17) 2019-01-31
how many hours?
TheBigShow (Niveau 12) 2019-01-31

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wikilox (Niveau 9) 2019-01-30
the same file both PC both Mac? so the visual n looks interesting. i will try this weekend
NKProductions (Niveau 4) 2019-01-30
Hello everyone, please feel free to visit any of the pages listed below for more info:
And our official Kickstarter:
ronnye (Niveau 15) 2019-01-30
can you add more screenshots?
TyrionL (Niveau 14) 2019-01-30
oh, another VN! I love them!
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