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An RTS classic reborn with a twist. Time is of the essence, Commander! Capture the flags, conquer the territories, and eliminate the enemy fort. And finally, nuke them all! This old-school sci-fi Indie real time strategy game, crafted by devoted team, revives the genre's enduring allure.
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“It's all about strategy, not snooze-worthy base building! While others are stuck in the resource-collecting grind, we're dialing up the fun with quick, action-packed chaos. Picture '90s classics, add a dash of modern flair, and boom—our game is a wild ride of unpredictability, humor, and 100% strategy!”
Nuke Them All
Nuke Them All
Nuke Them All
Nuke Them All
Nuke Them All
Nuke Them All
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Yahoo (Niveau 12) 2024-02-22
Just wanted to give you a shoutout for your awesome work on the RTS classic reborn, it's seriously impressive! The blend of old-school sci-fi vibes with modern twists like capturing flags and nuking enemy forts is a stroke of genius.
I'm loving the fast-paced gameplay and the strategic depth it offers. It's clear that you and your team poured a ton of passion into crafting this game, and it really shows.
Niko (Niveau 1) 2024-01-24
I downloaded the demo, played it, added it to my wish list from the link and followed it, I liked it very much, it was great, I wish success to the developer.
Best IndieGames (Niveau 18) 2024-01-06
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Best Indie Games of December 2023

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