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Ninna Nanna

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Ninna Nanna.. Once upon a terrible time and never will be again!
concept art by gorjuss #horror #dark
Langage: English  
Nouveaux: 1
Ninna Nanna out now on Indiexpo #horror #dark
Ninna Nanna
Ninna Nanna
Ninna Nanna
Ninna Nanna
Ninna Nanna
Ninna Nanna
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Best IndieGames (Niveau 18) 2021-05-09
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Indie Games of April 2021

YouTube Gameplay
YooriTakeshi (Niveau 6) 2021-05-07
il tuo gioco e il migliore tra i nuovi giochi 2021 ma se trovi gente che ti critica sarà gelosa del tuo gioco perché e troppo bello
Ischenderun (Niveau 9) 2021-05-04
A really nice game. With Well-finished graphics and minimal animations manages to convey what it wants to convey. Just anxiety and fear or something more?
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