Necrosphere Necrosphere
Cat Nigiri
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DiesIrae (1087 Gemmes) 2019-08-13

a very short demo, but perfect to know this amazing game! great work guys!

Luis (8933 Gemmes) 2018-01-21

why you removed the online game? I played it so many time. I wanted to see if you added new stages. No news?

Magnus C (1572 Gemmes) 2017-10-11

the demo is very nice! I played it a lot of times! Even if I prefer the main character with the tie and suit... and not with the pink dress XD

Marius (4195 Gemmes) 2017-09-23

Is this also one of the main games of the new service Jump? I don't like that website, but congratulations! Your players will grow up!

CatNigiri (634 Gemmes) 2017-09-08

Necrosphere has been unleashed on Steam. Check it out:

Marius (4195 Gemmes) 2017-09-08

News about the launch? Why can I never play the online version? :(

TheBigShow (3148 Gemmes) 2017-08-08

did I play an online version?

RealTidus (2441 Gemmes) 2017-06-18

Are there new areas in this update?

Amir (4071 Gemmes) 2017-05-28

Where is the web version?!?!?!?!? :(

Amir (4071 Gemmes) 2017-05-24

No news about this game? Are you working on new levels?

unRoboto (1008 Gemmes) 2017-05-03

I completed this demo playing it several times. Always funny! As others gamers said before, the design is perfect. It has also a very funny pg with nice sounds and animations! The work behind this game is huge and the final product is great! Just one thing: it's not so easy to play it with the indiepad, because I can't use A and B. And there are several hidden tunnels that i can't use...

Sekayo (2797 Gemmes) 2017-04-24

very very great! even if i prefer the sprite with the black suit. with the pink suit he's very ridicolous xD. So i completed it severel time! Incredible! p.s. sometime the bgm doesn't play...

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