My 7000 Nightmares

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Continuing from where we left off in "My 6000 Horrors", you and your friend had successfully stopped Spooky and her specimens from making a sharp grab for power, however she is not happy and has launched an attack of her own in an effort to stop you.
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My 7000 Nightmares
My 7000 Nightmares
My 7000 Nightmares
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CTGH Profile (1748 Gemmes) 2019-05-06


Gesan (329 Gemmes) 2019-01-13

how many horror games in it this time? I saw the sprite of she be free. not only horror?

wearevenom (1009 Gemmes) 2019-01-12

Sabes, realmente me encanta el nuevo juego.

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