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LOL Profile (722 Gemmes) 2018-01-02

short and good. your style is perfect for a VN, I hope to play other games made by you. There are good ideas. p.s. there's a bug when you try to open the menu using Escape

Stre93 (2098 Gemmes) 2017-12-30

Completed! Nice short story! I love the music using during the battles!

the ugly truth (2197 Gemmes) 2017-12-28

I started to play it today! Very cute! But only two characters in the party? :( I want Jackie!

Zion (3144 Gemmes) 2017-12-28

Did you make the faceset and other draws?

MagicOz (1535 Gemmes) 2017-12-27

a very cute christmas game! There are few strage map elements (bridges and walls) but it's nice and short to play! gg

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