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If you have perfect timing, Moving Block is the hiper casual game for you!
Have you ever thought about building a tower made of fun and colorful blocks?
yes, you did...Perfect!
Because now you can do it, moreover ,you can do it with one finger...fantastic right?
make the best score and unlock all the funny blocks!
Soon on the Play Store
#mobilegame #pixelart
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hi guys, waiting for the full version on the Play Store, I uploaded a demo. enjoy yourselves
Moving Block
Moving Block
Moving Block
Moving Block
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lucyinthespace (Niveau 15) 2020-11-27
Did you add something new?
ThePresident (Niveau 9) 2020-11-04
You should add bonus and malus. For example extra points (bonus) if you make several consecutive perfect match!
franco999 (Niveau 14) 2020-11-01
La grafica è qualcosa di spettacolare! Come anche le animazioni! Troppo simpatiche! Suoni perfetti e menù chiarissimi! Ho giocato ma non mi ha inviato il punteggio online, è normale? Aumenterei un po'la difficoltà pian piano che si va avanti con traiettorie diverse e maggiore velocità!
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