Little Lands Little Lands
Robin Field and Billy Hobson
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CTGH Profile (1763 Gemmes) 2019-05-02


svendhhh (20 Gemmes) 2017-05-19

There's an end? How is that defined? (I'm currently in a game, and also finding the lack of a pause a bit frustrating, but if I knew what the "goal" was, maybe I could "win" quickly)

Pedrowzee (25 Gemmes) 2017-04-26

This is so good. I wish I could turn off sound or pause. Also, not entirely clear on what makes me lose.

Zion (3204 Gemmes) 2017-04-25

it looks nice! I will play it! Good luck about the contest!

SackofSoap Profile (283 Gemmes) 2017-04-25

I'd be interested to know if people have made it to the ending, so feel free to mention it in the comments if you do! :)

Sekayo (2655 Gemmes) 2017-04-25

is it like farmville?

Amir (4031 Gemmes) 2017-04-25

oh, nice entry!Good luck!

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