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zxretrosoft Profile (2465 Gemmes) 2019-04-20

Interesting game! It looks great!

Best IndieGames (4189 Gemmes) 2018-12-02

This game is in the video about the Top 2 Best Indie Games of November 2018

Freank Profile (3886 Gemmes) 2018-11-09

I watched this game on reddit! A very nice catch! The gameplay rulez! What're the next features/improvments?

Eugor (2675 Gemmes) 2018-11-09

very nice! I used firefox and it runs very well! Nice idea and great lights effects! I love them! good luck on Kickstarter!

Popsan Angel (3320 Gemmes) 2018-11-09

just played! nice design! I like the grid idea and the animations are amazing! Great work! 4/5

wikilox Profile (788 Gemmes) 2018-11-09

me too. the game looks interesting, but the loading is very slow.

CapZero88 (2860 Gemmes) 2018-11-09

so many time to load it and when I play it, it lags :(

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