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Laika2.0 is out on Steam Greenlight! Thanks for your comments, your suggestions, your enthusiam! We have realeased a 2 levels only demo but we tried to make a more polished product, hope you'll enjoy!


HeyGuise! Laika is coming to Steam Greenlight on the 14th of February! Check this out!


As you might have notice, the new version is still not out. This is due to some unexpected events that slowed our work. Thankfully we are all ok and set now and Laika is coming! Stay tuned for more news!


Hey folks! It's Christmas time, and I have a present for you! The new version with the fresh new levels 6,7 and 8 is being uploaded before the new year.


The new version is out, both for windows and mac os x.


Today we are coming out with a new demo. 5 shiny levels, ready to be solved! Of course it's not a finished product but...have fun :)


Hey guys, thank you all for the comments. We're planning to go for greenlight next month, so like our facebook's page and stay tuned. For those who can't wait, we're gonna be in Milan 24 September - 25 September for the Game Over festival. Dasvidanya!

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