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Good news! I cut the break short and will start working on the game soon! I did 15minute work just now and will probably start working from tomorrow. In case you are interested join me on


Hey guys! The pause is still going on, but I had a thought of having a map in my game, so I'm thinking to implement it. If anyone knows a script for it for RPGMaker VX ACE, I would appreciate it. Just write it down #scripts #rpgmaker


Hey guys! Right now I'm on a little break. I worked on this game for more than 880 hours so I'm a bit tired. Will resume as soon I'm rested from it(1-2 months, the game >>>>>>IS NOT ABOUNDED<<<<). Anyway, I added the game on so if wana check there I have more info about the game and I will write updates and news on both and facebook. I do like people download it, but I would really appreciate more feedback of any kind. Just write here, or on facebook. Cheers


By accident I put my 6.6v inside 6.4v folder so people had to download both of them. I fixed the link. Guess those who didn't extract 6.6v from inside the 6.4v folder didn't play up to date game :D


Here is a new update: -Achievements -Bestiary -Crafting (Alchemy, Smithing, Cooking) -Edited skill pictures -Edited values of items/weapons/armors -Edited prices of items/weapons/armors #openworld #secondlife


AS soon, I'm done adding finishing touches with crafting (only armors left), I will upload the update. Should be done till end of this week or next If anyone is interested post me a reply here so I know if I need to rush or not


Added achievements, bestiary, crafting, alchemy, cooking. Hope to release the update soon


Working on the game. Added bestiary and achievements. Hyped!!!


Just finished a big update. I re-edited some of old areas, added night lock piking, done some new sprites and faces, etc. Hope you like it I spent 50 additional hours working on it after coming a year pause and work of 850hours. Check my facebook page in case you need some info, or write me here.


New update is out today! After more than 150+ hours of working on update I uploaded it. Bagash City isn't finished yet but there are people, events and quests there. You can explore new locations too. Have fun!

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