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Some small news this time! Hey my dear players (and other who click the game randomly), I'm dropping this "News" due to high activity past two months where the number of downloads has finally surpassed 1000! \o/ I'm really happy about that! It's awesome news to me! I'm dropping by all sites, that I have game uploaded on, every day and see the analytics going up and up. I did work less on the new update (usually hour per week), and slowly doing more and more progress. I had to cut down the time invested because I had a job. (note the "had" part? Yeah, not anymore :D ) Now I have more free time but have to work on the side tutoring some kids German language (8classes per week, 1-2h per class) so I can pay the damn bills. The work I put in new update is close to 10-11hl, and is focused mostly on doing the final touches in Bagash-Downtown and adding more quests and events there and adding new (replacing) the music/sounds in areas outside friendly cities, villages and castles. I'm mostly manually recording by going on locations (river, forest, local mine, etc) and putting it in the game. It's less work that previous update but hopefully more content and more polish and people will approve of it. Currently I spend my free time on river reading books and writing my own light novel so the game is a bit neglected (but will work on it don't worry about that), but mainly since it's a free to play game and my only incentive to finish it is my own childhood dream. TL:DR: Happy about downloads, main focus on polish for new update, novel writing takes a small priority right now. Send nud... I mean send bug reports and suggestions! Have a nice day!

Hey guys! I see increased traffic on all sites I put my game on since last update! Together I have new 69 downloads, which makes me really happy! I'm almost at 1000downloads all together! \o/ Anyway, I want to say thanks people and here are info what you might expect in future update (will be sooner than the update that is out currently). -Adding horse fast travel (purchasable and rented) -More quests and events -More purchasable houses (with different ressources) -More world locations -More events , people and quests in South Bagash (Downtown) -Finishing world location (Tyst Woodland) -Finishing few single locations -Adding new scripts (fishing, battle order) -Posibble addition (minimap, enemy classes and levels icons, more in depth alchemy, skill progression, passive skills, steal script)

​Hey guys! New update is out! I worked 110hours on it! A lot of new stuff in it added! But sadly, also removed (playing with mouse option). -Added new events and quests (close to 40) -Added purchasable houses (one atm, more will come in future updates) -HUD-Weight to items -Fixed Empty Flask -Removed placeholder forests (trees in chunks) and replaced them with single placeing -Better shadows -New items, weapons and armor -Specialty vendor (from special item like Demon's Horn you can craft special Dagger and stuff like that) -5 new world locations -Finished South Bagash and added stuff in it (future update will have more people and events in it -Bank/storage- Since now items have weight, you are limited how much items you can carry in the world. This gives you option to store some stuff for a price, or if you purchase house it's free. It's stored across whole game so you don't need to go back to specific place to pick it up. -Limited gold in inventory- to add more realism, people don't usually carry 100000 gold in their pockets, so you can store gold in banks -Added Tutorial Note that can be accessed anytime -Can drop items from inventory to free up space -Post battle information screen -Added more in depth smelting- Now to craft bars, you need to first smelt ore to ingots and then to bars, both refining you need to access the smiting station -Various bug fixes -Added finally face expressions for main character (future update will have to edit that I skipped)Hopefully the update will be well received, waiting for complains and praise!Happy 2019 and that's all!

Update in 24h!As promised the big update with purchasable houses (one atm), inventory, hud, weight, better smithing is coming out tomorrow. It took me 93h + tomorrow's time I will spend working on it before I push it out! The big wait is almost over and if you want to check it out, drop on my and see the final things being worked on finished and ready to upload! Since I don't celebrate New Year (it's just a day nothing else for me), I have no plans for tomorrow since my best friend moved to China in February and is only coming back at end of January, so there is nothing else to do than work on game, play games and search for job instead wasting time on one day that has no meaning for me personally. Cheers! See you tomorrow!

​Hey guys! I have good news! The update is almost done! I will push it definitely before new years with all those fixes and upgrades that I've been working for past few months and I put 90h in the update! Another good news! I'm almost at 100$ to put the game on STEAM! I gathered 79$ which means 21$ remains! I'm so hyped! I get see one of my two dreams come true! And don't worry! As I always said: GAME WILL STAY FREE2PLAY, nobody will have to pay for it, people can still support me with donation via with bits if they want (goal, if possible, is to gather back the 150$ (not including engine), since that is big amount where I live, like 3-4 months of bills).​Anyway, it's soon up and hopefully the amount of players increase even more and I hit 1000 players (right now it's 832 on all sights).

Dear friends and players. The update is still delayed since my private life is getting in way, I'm battling job crisis that is plaguing me for past few years. I do work on the game but definitely less than I used to, I made 50h work right now on the update since last NEWS 2.5 v2 had 40h in a month and a half and I only managed to give 10h on the update. I have six more job meetings and hopefully I will get one so I can continue to work on game and stop the hassle of giving private language tutoring every day so I can just pay the bills and not having any free time since it pays ~2$ for 45minute class and my bills without food expenses are ~55$ + food (per month), + I need to see if I can collect the 90$ to get game on STEAM.Anyway, the update is delayed until that job thing get's done with. I can send a the update live now, but I still have to finish Bagash - South with quests, events, people. I finished all what I planed for this update, but I want to finish the city as a whole and then send update out so I don't delay finishing the city any longer because the update with city came almost a year ago. As people who play the game know, Bagash is 5 part city with 30-35 quests, probably 50 events, 40-60 people and tons of other stuff and that's without the south part of city. I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to people who downloaded game or took a look at it, since last update I had additional 70 downloads on indiexpo and 10 on itchio which brings me up to 745downloads on 3 different sites together (not counting facebook and steam forum). Hope to finish update before new year!

​Hello people! I have good and bad news about upcoming update. Bad News: The update will be delayed due to some personal stuff. I'm searching for a job on past month and since there are elections coming up, so I'm looking to get in the International Election Observation Committee​ during the elections for low salary of 20$ for whole days work. 20$ is good, but long hours and big responsibility, but can't complain, any job is a good job. Good News: I added few stuff like new scripts (HUD, Stamina, Post battle report,etc), lot's of quests and events and now I'm working on re-editing the areas with forests and removing the placeholder trees with proper forest. This is taking me a lot of time, since I have a lot of ground to do. I hope the update will be ready for October. I'm working hard and right now I managed to put another 40hours on this update, so my total time spent on the game is 1000+ hours! Yeah... Well, hopefully I will manage to get the game on STEAM (free to play), if I manage to gather the money via donations (90$ needed) or if I manage to get a job I applied and break the 7 year jobless streak that I'm on. Anyway, that's all I got to post and yeah, I stream the work on twitch​.tv/cookiesneedlove if anyone wants to drop by and talk a bit and exchange ideas and thoughts. Cheers.

Hello people! A small heads up or news (however you want to call it) is out!I worked hard on new update and it should come out around 20th. I put some 14 hours in this update alone! I edit lot of stuff, like I added a lot of shadows on boxes, world map walls, chests and buildings as well adding shadows inside tents to give it more closed off feeling. This is just small part, maybe 1% of upcoming update. To give you idea how much it took me just to edit shadows: "I have 185 indoor location's and not counting caves, dungeons, hideouts."The biggest changes are in how crafting works, mainly how you create Copper, Iron, Tin, etc bars. From new update players will have to smelt ore and heat it inside furnace to craft a Ingot and then combine it with unrefined ore inside the furnace to craft Bars. This is to give more realism to players and not just press inside CRAFTING tab a button and get item. I will see if I can do something with potions and food so it gives more flavor to the game.And the biggest thing that took me some 10 hours just to edit with events is PURCHASABLE HOUSING! Right now there is only one house to buy for 2000g. It will give player alternative so you can chose if you want to go to city and sleep, do blacksmith stuff, refill bottle for water, make garden so you can get material to make food and other stuff. The house is mining specific. After this update I will make a house and make like a lake so people can fish or grow own herbs for alchemy. The housing area is only half-customization and will probably lag a bit since it has A LOT of event's on it, but after the update I will see how can I decrease the number of event's to improve lag. I added small "teaser" of area which you can buy without having anything build on it.There are a lot of small things like new quests (4, now the number of quests is 94), event's, rework of prices of items, etc. Anyway, hope the update will hit 20th-ish of this month and hope for more suggestions, bug reports and other stuff from players.And a reminder: I'm trying to gather money to buy STEAM Direct to publish the game there to reach bigger audience, don't worry game will be F2P.I'm still at 10/100$ and still jobless for 6 years. If anyone feels freaky to help out with that, you can visit my twitch account ( ) and donate via bits or stuff, add me on STEAM if want to help out via STEAM Gift Code ( ) or just PM here if want to help out. I know I'm e-begging, but as of now I can't spend anymore money on RPGMAKER or STEAM since I need to live (sadly the sweet release of death is probably far). I'm 32 players away from having 1000 people downloading the game on all three platforms (itchio, indiexpo,rpgmakersite). I definitely have more if I count Facebook, but the info isn't showing on how many people downloaded it for some reason on the game page.

Hello people!As you know, every dev wishes to have their game published on a platform to get more people to play it, so do I. I'm looking to get my game on STEAM (don't worry it will be for free :D ), and for that I need 100$ for STEAM Direct. I have no job for past 6 almost 7 years, so that for me is a big thing, especially when you take in account that with 100$ I can pay bills for 2 months and still have some left for food. I already invested ~150$ in the game and assets and 900+ hours in this project and I plan to finish it, especially taking in account that right now I have 538 downloads on 3 sites together with no promotion and being a solo dev (not counting FB since I don't see stats for downloads from there). So, I'm looking for some people who want to support me a bit with getting the game on STEAM by doing this e-begging. I got a donation on twitch a week ago (10$), so I need 90$ more. If anyone wishes to help me out I will put links to my twitch and STEAM account. Twitch: 10$/100$ STEAM: 10.47$/100$ Also, I will stream on twitch work on game 08 and 09 august 13:00 (CEST +2) so you can join me if you interested or like RPGMaker streams. As for new update, I will see to put it out either at end of this month or mid September. I had few issues with scripts and had to rework two of them to be able to work. Cheers.

Idiot that I am. forgot to add link to the HUD

I added a HUD now! Love the looks of it! Thanks Galv! Also don't forget to check the trailer and give some feedback!

Hey guys! I just finished first ever game trailer for the game, I hope it's at least acceptable :D

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