Play Flying Slime(LDJAM43 ver)

Flying Slime(LDJAM43 ver)

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this was game make with Scratch 2.0(old ver)
this ver is make with Scrach3.0(new ver)
this is game Test ver.
In order to play the game, you need to access the scratch site.
이 게임은 스크래치로 개발하였습니다.
이 게임은 테스트 버젼입니다.
이 게임을 하기 위해서는 스크래치사이트를 이용하는게 좋습니다.
#LDJAM #DEMO #shooting #scratch
Langage: English   한국어  
Nouveaux: 2
Slime sprite bug fixed.
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Flying Slime(LDJAM43 ver)
Flying Slime(LDJAM43 ver)
Flying Slime(LDJAM43 ver)
Flying Slime(LDJAM43 ver)
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Kira (Niveau 10) 2019-02-16
an old style flash game :)
Karma (Niveau 13) 2019-02-02
TheBigShow (Niveau 12) 2019-01-31

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