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Eternal Twilight - Demo

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Ajoutée le: 2017/02/09


Rpg Maker MV

In a world of humans, monsters, and magic users called Magi, a power-hungry Empress aims to commit genocide on anything and anybody she deems unworthy. Her current focus: Magi. Her sinister plans do not go unchallenged...for a resistance group springs into action in hopes that they can beat that evil woman and her empire to hell where they belong! #rpg #rpgmakermv
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Hey all, I'm happy to announce that I've officially released the completed version of Eternal Twilight! Check it out here:
Eternal Twilight - Demo
Eternal Twilight - Demo
Eternal Twilight - Demo
Commentaires (4)
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Soulrender Profile (682 Gemmes) 2019-03-13

This is actually addicting game! I would change few things, but already it's good. Really good. Seriously good.

Tea's Jams (20 Gemmes) 2018-04-15

Ferny, very ferny :) Hello :)

Fernyfer775 Profile (155 Gemmes) 2017-02-11

Note to players: The game plays MUCH smoother when you just download it directly, instead of playing it through the website.

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