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Donald is a nice old man in his eighties, retired for many years.Donald's life is quiet,but he feels empty.He has the socalled retiree's syndrome: he is bored to death!The only way to cure his boredom is TO GO BACK TO WORK.After trying to get hired for various jobs, he finally finds his calling:to be a GHOSTBUSTER!
Langage: English  
Donald Dowell - ENG
Donald Dowell - ENG
Donald Dowell - ENG
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Luis (8226 Gemmes) 2018-01-21

One of the best point & click ever made! great arts, funny plot and so many puzzles. those are the main points of a great adventure game!

the ugly truth (2197 Gemmes) 2017-03-18

Hahaha i love the monkey island quotes XD

Karma (4033 Gemmes) 2017-01-04


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Donald Dowell - ENG
Donald Dowell - ENG
Donald Dowell - ENG
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