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SuperStick Profile (498 Gemmes) 2017-05-18

But the earning game cool cool intro graphics promises a nice full version of the game

MagicOz (1535 Gemmes) 2017-05-10

oh, bro! It's amazing! is it also on steam?

Fry2 Profile (2850 Gemmes) 2017-05-05

huge game! I will buy the full version!

Best IndieGames (4662 Gemmes) 2017-05-02

This game is in the video about the Top 4 Indie Games of April 2017

Stre93 (2166 Gemmes) 2017-04-27

Congratulations! You're a pro!

iamhere (2476 Gemmes) 2017-04-21

It's amazing! Great work!

Fellowplayer Profile (23101 Gemmes) 2017-04-11

I just bought the game and starting a new playlist on my channel, I hope to complete the whole thing, if you have not also put the demo on the itch or gamejolt website I do recommend it.

Playlist link:

Amir (4031 Gemmes) 2017-04-10

Guys, congratulations! It's the first time that I found an open world platform game placed in a futuristic city! It remembes me Ghost in the shell :)

Marius (4150 Gemmes) 2017-04-05

I suggested the developer Vanessa to post it here! :) <3

CapZero88 (2881 Gemmes) 2017-04-05

amazing cyberpunk places! I found it very interesting! I just completed the demo! I will add it at my list on steam! Great work! It's awesone!

Fellowplayer Profile (23101 Gemmes) 2017-04-04

An excellent game, I was able to complete the whole demo, bit pricy but I would love to play the full game when I see a good offer on, anyway please find the link to the gameplay here, loved it all.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

the ugly truth (2222 Gemmes) 2017-04-03

Omg. How is it long?

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