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This demo is a quick hit of the open-world, side-scrolling cyberpunk RPG that is Dex. Explore the streets of a cyberpunk city as you run for your life from the mercs of The Complex hunting you down.
Langage: Italiano   English   Deutsch   Espanol   Francais   Polski  
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Dex Demo
Dex Demo
Dex Demo
Dex Demo
Commentaires (25)
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Agent44 (3798 Gemmes) 2019-05-05

The best sci-fi platform played. Ever

Coopa (628 Gemmes) 2018-11-05

fantastic. I played also the full game!

Luis (8933 Gemmes) 2018-01-21

great scifi game. I played the game and the design is absolute AMAZING. I'm so sorry to see that this is the only free game made by this studio. :(

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